GradPost#2: Digitizing Student Assignments 

Will digitizing assignments improve my teaching, work, and organization?


  • Encourages digital citizenship (identity and etiquette)
  • Encourages students to navigate and explore the latest tools & Web 2.0
  • Encourages students to digitally apply ESL skills
  • Encourages students to utilize ESL resources online
  • Students can interact & collaborate with peers from homes
  • Self assessment & anonymous peer assessment
  • Teachers can interact with students & parents from their homes
  • Supports students who miss assignments & class notes
  • Efficient and quick assignment submission
  • Helps keep students & teachers stay organized
  • Cost efficient & Eco Friendly
  • Dog can’t eat your paper homework


  • Not all students may have the hardware or reliable internet sources at home
  • Not all families may have the finances to support some high tech requirements
  • Formatting, computer bugs, surprising updates
  • Could be more of an obstacle or distraction than a learning enhancement
  • Possible loss of 1:1 face time
  • Less practice with handwriting
  • Dog could still destroy the hard drive

More Tips & Insight from Professor Steve Katz:

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  1. framingtechblog says:

    Hey Patty,
    I like the list format that lays out the ups and downs of a digital classroom. Hopefully, the schools of the future will supply the students with the tech necessary to facilitate digital literacy, if only on-site. I read an article that said the UN announced that blocking internet access was denying a basic human right. Interesting to see where this will take us.


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