Gradpost#3: My Online Reputation & Digital Footprint

I’m a Facebook addict.  I enjoy sharing my photos, news, my opinions about culture and society, unique experiences and keeping up with friends and family overseas.  It’s a rich source of inspiration, a digital diary, and a way to connect to those with similar interests.

I try to be careful on social media by being respectful, tolerant, and safe.  Sometimes though, I find myself wondering if it’s the right idea to post this photo/article, write this comment, or react to this post because of the chance that someone finds it controversial.  This is probably what I love most about Facebook, because it’s a place where someone can share their questions, concerns and passions – and when they do, they begin a conversation.

There was a time when I was really involved with couch surfing, and I was excited about my new life as an Expat in Korea. I used to be that person who frequently organized and hosted events online, several times a month to bring people in Seoul together.  I was always posting to advertise mine and other events.  It felt great being connected to so many people from all over the world and positively influencing each other’s lives.

This course with Steve Katz has opened my eyes a bit more about being aware of copyright laws and Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) and how they can help me shape a more positive and progressive online reputation for myself.

I’d like to take my online reputation in a new direction by becoming familiar with other multimedia platforms and tools on the web today.  I’d like to become someone who effectively contributes and supports communities I belong to.  I believe it will serve me well in becoming a practiced writer, a more informed teacher, and possibly a well rounded person.  I also believe it will fill the void for creative expression.  I have a lot ahead of me, but that’s pretty exciting.

An article that first inspired me to begin my first blog was written by The Minimalists, here.

I’m not sure very content with what I’ve written, so I will come back to this post.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. mrdavisYHIMS says:

    I’d also really like to take my online persona in another direction, perhaps diverging my personal and professional. Just out of curiosity, I know that your students are younger, but have you ever ‘friended’ former students?


    1. pattyshoes says:

      I just finished reading your blog post and thought the same thing. Yes, I have but so far only with the older students who find me on fb once they’ve reached high school.


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