GradPost#7: Edu Tech Tools & Resources

In this course we have been introduced, or have become better acquainted with quite a variety of tools which we can apply to the classroom and use as teacher resources.

If I had to choose one which has ‘wowed’ me the most in this course, it’d be this Learning Management Program.  I remember when Professor Steve Katz first introduced it to us, and all of the inside outs you don’t see as a student, and I was in awe.  Everything it does, I’ve created from scratch on Google Docs- rubrics, formulated grading spreadsheets, syllabus, instant commentary, open chat with the students, announcements, submission of assignments, etc.

As impressed as I am, it hurts a little bit to think about all of the work I’d put into my Google Sheets & Docs, and the high chance I’ll switch to Schoology.  There’s a lot about the site that I’m still unfamiliar with and I admit it’s a bit intimidating- but I think it’ll probably be worth the while.   I still value the organization and customization that Google Drive offers though.

I really like that it is an efficient and reliable platform that helps provide the students with constant feedback and that my comments on their work are fresh in my mind when I’m inputing them.  It also allows the students to learn how to practice digital citizenship which resembles relevant social media.

Other Interesting Teaching Tools:

-Screencast-o-matic: If you want to explain how to navigate anything on a computer screen or mirror your image onto another’s.  This will especially come in handy for training new teachers, who speak little Korean, how to use the Korean websites we regularly use at work.’s “Hour of Code” is for beginners.  (Choose the Starwars game!)

-Google Slides & Prezi: These create exciting visuals for presentations and are easy to use.  Kids and teachers can use these.  In our class, we had Kindergarten teachers to highschool teachers present sample student presentations which were modified to suit their age and level of English. helps you create fun and simple visual aids for posters, presentations, syllabi, and more. – Reading and Writing Stories in an exciting presentation.  I’m really excited to use this with the younger students to help with their reading skills.

EduTech Resources:





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