GradPost#8: The SAMR Model & Storybird

Adding Tech to the Classroom

As it was brought up in our EDU 932 course, computing in the classroom should be a way of improving the impact of the lesson.  The curriculum, not the technology, is what drives learning.  Professor Steve Katz made sure we understood that if we’re facing poor classroom management now, adding technology will not improve this.  Incorporating tech skills and digital navigation should not only be able to substitute what you could accomplish without it, but transform and redesign the task into something inconceivable prior to the lesson.

SAMR & Ruben Puentedura

As any dedicated teacher would, I want to make sure my methods were truly effective in improving my students’ learning.  According to an interview with the creator of the SAMR model, Ruben Puentedura on, explains how educators should evaluate how they are incorprating tech and media into their lessons.  He suggests using the SAMR model to check for enhancement (substitution and augmentation), and transformation (modification and redefinition).

Click here for Ruben Puentedura’s Interview on

Click here for a simple explanation of SAMR.


Hanyang Elementary does not provide personal computing devices such as tablets or ebooks, it’s difficult to reserve English class time in the computer labs, and homework is strongly discouraged at my school, so I can’t say I’ve had much experience incorporating tech into the lessons.  I do have presentation tools though, but it wasn’t until I watched Neva B.’s Storybird presentation that I had realized how I could ‘Redefine’ my students’ reading experiences in class.

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